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The Orting Junior Cardinal Football & Cheer Programs exist to educate and empower our student-athletes by equipping them with the foundational elements of football and cheerleading. Deeply rooted in our core values of teamwork, leadership, commitment, responsibility, and fun, we aspire to leave a lasting legacy of Cardinal spirit, in Orting and beyond.

As an organization, we strive to uphold these five core values:



We believe in creating a culture of “having each other’s back”, whether it’s on the field, in the classroom, or out in our community. Cardinals make each other better.


We want to develop leaders, not just in football and cheer, but in our community and beyond. Our hope is that the leadership skills they gain from our program benefit them beyond graduation from OJC, into high school, college and adulthood.



We want our athletes to go out there every day and give their absolute best. Our athletes value showing up early and putting the work in at practice, so they are game day ready, each week.



We expect our athletes to own their actions and behaviors. They have a responsibility to themselves, to their coaches, teammates, and the organization to be an upstanding student, friends, and community member on and off the field.


5. FUN

Last but not least, while each of the above values is important to us, we want our athletes to have fun learning, growing, and being a part of OJC Football & Cheer.

Our organization is 100% volunteer-led. Last year, just in practices alone, our coaches gave around 104 hours. You can find our volunteers helping out in the snack shack during practices, announcing games proudly in our home stadium booth, or slinging those burgers at our game day concessions (heck - you may see a coach or two back there)!


We proudly believe in the Orting Junior Cardinal family and we hope you’ll join us.